BMW ID5&6 Apple Carplay

BMW Idrive 5&6 Apple Car Play Activation
(!!! Not for Asian market !!!)
Please note for Apple Carplay you will need additional coding.
For Apple Carplay Wifi aerial is required. 
The following FSC Codes will be activated, but additional Head Unit Coding is needed to enable these Functions:
AppID 229 (E5) - Lap Timer 
AppID ​323 (​143) - Apple CarPlay (Requires WiFi Aerial)
AppID 156 (9C) - BMW Apps 
For coding, add 4WD (M LAPTIMER), 6CP (CarPlay) and 6NR (BMW Apps) to FA and then VO Code HU_NBT2, then go back and FDL Code the following:
A4A_SWT = aktiv
A4A_XL = nicht_aktiv
A4A_KML = nicht_aktiv
For additional cost we can do the coding. No coding cable or coding skills required. 

We will email you a file, just copy it to an empty FAT32 formatted USB Flash Drive. Go to the car, plug it in for 30 seconds and coding is done.