BMW Navigation Map Updates - Premium 2018-1, Next 2017-2, Motion 2017-2, Move 2018-1

We offer the latest 2018-1 BMW PREMIUM, MOVE and NEXT Sat Nav UPDATES including the FSC Activation Code for BMW cars with CIC and NBT sat nav systems (which has an integrated sat nav system on an internal hard drive HDD). CIC navigation system has different map types: PREMIUM, MOTION and MOVE, while NBT system has the NEXT map type.

You can easily find out which CIC map type you currently have by pressing button ‘Nav’ on iDrive, then select ‘Options’, and click ‘Navigation System Version’ where you will see something like : ECE BMW 1.5.20 Road Map Europe PREMIUM 2009-2. If you see ‘MOTION’ or ‘MOVE’ text in your navigation map version, then this map is NOT for you, you should select MOTION map or MOVE map update when placing your order.
Also, if you have a NBT (NEXT) sat nav system, please select NBT NEXT map update when placing your order.